cannot add to my computers in chrome remote desktop



  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Ladislav,


    Chromebooks and CloudReady cannot be added to the "my computers" list - both types of computer can only be accessed using the share-code. This is a security feature implemented by Google.



  • Paul

    What does "share code" mean? Is there an alternative way to remotely control a ChromeBook?

  • Support Team

    Hey Paul, 

    Please take a look at this Google help article, under "Share your computer or access a shared computer", which mentions using "A unique access code" to provide access to your computer/gain access to someone else's computer. This is done through Chrome Remote Desktop and is designed to fit Google's security policies around Chromebooks.

  • Paul

    Abram, thank you for replying. I had seen that article, but I failed to originally say I am trying to setup *unattended* access to my Chromebook, similar to My Computers or TeamViewer. Any ideas?


  • Forrest Smith

    No - this is a security feature. Only Windows and Mac can offer always-available access. Chromebooks require that a Chromebook user use the app to generate a temporary code which they can send to whoever they want to allow access

  • Paul

    OK, thanks Abram. :-( Can you help me understand how this feature would make a Chromebook would be more vulnerable than Windows or Mac?

  • Forrest Smith



    It wouldn't make a Chromebook *more* vulnerable, but google's commitment to making Chromebooks as secure as possible causes them to disallow this "always available" feature.


    Essentially, they think this behavior is insecure, but they don't mind if Windows and Mac computers are insecure they just don't want their Chromebooks insecure.  


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