Change bootloader timeout for default option



  • Forrest Smith

    Mere - 


    Try mounting read/write ("sudo mount -o rw,remount /") and then editing /boot/efi/boot/grub.cfg

    That's just a guess though

  • Maninder Sra

    Looking for same, any solution found?


  • SignedAdam

    I tried "sudo qemacs /boot/efi/boot/grub.cfg" but got almost an empty file with no timeout to edit

  • SignedAdam

    the following command :

    ls -a /boot/syslinux 

    shows 6 files in the syslinux folder, which is already bad luck if you believe in the devil lol

    1) README 2) default.cfg 3) root.A.cfg 4) rootB.cfg 5) syslinux.cfg 6) usb.A.cfg

    when I read, the README file, I'm told : 

    Partition 12 contains the active bootloader configuration when booting from a non-Chrome  OS BIOS

    so that must mean grub is on partition 12, i have 


    no idea how to mount that in Chromium OS / CloudReady

    it seems it's also not like Ubuntu's Grub, because thats under "/etc/default/grub" no such thing under /etc/default on here, only useradd vboot_reference, which both are to do with something else, best bet is partition 12

    end of the road, someone else with more skill will need to take over

  • Forrest Smith

    For us it's actually partition 27 because of the room we leave for Windows dualboot.

    You'd need to run

    Sudo mount /dev/sda27 /tmp/directory-you-created

    Then you find editing the files would work.

  • SignedAdam

    When I follow your steps OP


    I end up with an error :

    mount: mount point /tmp/sda27 does not exist


    What I entered :

    sudo mount /dev/sda27 /tmp/sda27

  • SignedAdam

    I have found a work around, I entered :

    sudo mount /dev/sda27 /tmp/

    I then went to : /tmp/efi/boot 

    & found 3 files, bootia32.efi bootx64.efi grub.efi

    I then did the following command :

    sudo qemacs /tmp/efi/boot/grub.efi


    I edited the timeout from 0 to 3, when i rebooted, the time out was still 15, then grub booted the other grub which was the one i edited, wrong one, so in effect i increased the boot time to 3 seconds more, i cant find what i need to edit

  • Alex Bass

    Any update on this? Would absolutely LOVE if I could make the delay like 1/2 seconds. 99% of the time I just want it to boot into ChromeOS. In the off-chance I want to jump into Windows, I can easily click the down arrow to pause the timeout within 1-2 seconds.

    Thanks! (:

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