rollback to Windows 10



  • Marty

    DD using what...linux?

  • ShaunyD

    I used a crosh shell in my cloudready chrome OS.

  • Marty

    Does DDing a linux distro the same way result in success? Never DD'd in chromium os shell.

  • Marty

    I'd be tempted to run a live usb of Ubuntu or such and dd through that instead, but I've never tried DDing Windows either.

  • ShaunyD

    It certainly looked good. I could see that it extracted the windows ISO, and copied everything to the USB. I just can't boot from it. I'm trying another USB drive.

  • Gerald Clark

    Dd does not "extract" anything.  It just copies.

    Unless the ISO is an ISO hybrid it won't boot from a USB flash drive.

  • Forrest Smith

    Are you dd'ing the Windows ISO to the drive? Or just putting the ISO file on the USB drive?


    It may still not work, but it'll be more likely to work if you dd both times

  • Forrest Smith

    Also, not to be obvious, but consider just borrowing someone else's Windows laptop.

  • ShaunyD

    Sorry for the delay. I had to abandon this rollback method and use a someone else's windows PC as per Forest's suggestion. ;)  Thanks everyone for their help. sd 

  • terry towling

    Use the media creation tool on another W10 computer, but make sure you create media for the right version.

  • Shubham Nerkar

    Make a bootable Windows USB from Rufus. Select boot option to USB. Open diskpart (Google it) from setup and clean all hard drive partitions and install Windows. It is actually very easy.

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