Cloudready on NUC6i7KYK - Report



  • Jonathan Pincas

    Update: 4k monitor working on display port now.  Not sure what I was doing before.  I have a Samsung 28 inch 4k display and I'm finding the optimium setting is 3072 x 1728 with the screen fairly close to me.  Tonnes of desktop space but not too small to read.  Just keeps getting better...

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Jonathan,


    Thanks for testing CloudReady, and for your thorough feedback!

    - Hopefully network drivers updated in v51 will bring some added support for your wifi/ethernet

    - Glad the 4k got to working - I believe that Chrom* OS will scale best at native, or 1/2 native, resolution. So if you're willing to run at ~2k resolution you can probably get optimal sharpness.

    - CloudReady v51 or 52 should bring support for 3 displays

    - The sleep resume issue is sticky - I recommend you install caffeine (browser extension) so that you can just leave the computer running and turn off your monitor.


    Thanks for using CloudReady! Tell your friends!

  • Jesse Pierce

    Hi Jonathan -  we released an Early Access version with the Linux Kernel 4.4 upgrade:

    Feel free to check it out and let us know if it helps with the wifi/ethernet & for 3+ displays.

  • Jonathan Pincas

    Great - thanks for letting me know.  I'm installing it now and will let you know how it works out.

  • Jesse Pierce

    Hi Jonathan,

    Just curious if you saw any success with the Early Access build - thanks for giving it a try!

  • Jonathan Pincas

    Here's a report on the early access build with the NUC:

    -  The ethernet, wifi and bluetooth are all now working fine!

    -  Still can't get anything but mirroring working with the screens.  I've tried different combinations of screens on the HDMI and Displayports but no luck.  I'm trying to get my hands on a USB-C to Displayport adaptor so I can try the NUC's USB-C port to see if that makes any difference.

    - The sleep issue is still there.  I'm using the browser plugin you suggested now, and just turning off the screen.

    Thanks for the great work on the new build.  I've been using nothing but Cloudready on the NUC for about 2 weeks now and am really happy with it as a day-to-day dev setup (with Nitrous).

     I think I'm going to grab one of those 32" ultrawide displays and settle on a single monitor setup which will just be the icing on the cake until multiple monitor support is mature. Might even be the way to go anyway until a decent 40" 4k curved display comes onto the market.

  • Jonathan Pincas

    By the way, the problem with the USB mouse and keyboard losing connection on reboot is also now solved - no more unplugging and replugging.

  • Cahill Chan

    Hi Johnathan,

    Thank you for your post. I was considering getting a NUC with a Displayport for an extended display to a second monitor. Now that Cloudready is up to Chromium version 54, I was wondering whether you were able to get yours to work with a second monitor ( without losing the mouse cursor - had that happen on the vga port for the second monitor of a Lenovo B4130 - had to press ESC or SPACE all the time to get it to come up.)

    Best regards,


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