• Forrest Smith

    Hey Ed,

    Powerwashing is disabled to protect Neverware's special alterations to the OS - you can just reinstall from USB if you need a fresh start - it takes about the same time as a powerwashing.

  • G Rogers Guest

    I have been trying for a week now to reinstall windows on an Asus t100ta laptop.  I installed Cloudready and I don't care for it.  Insert the bootable window usb, changed boot option.  Will not boot to usb.  Used the recovery creator with local file,windows, and that did not work.  Tried installing Ubuntu and that did not work.  The only other OS that actually works is Bliss.  Any thoughts.

  • Forrest Smith

    I know the issue with Ubuntu is that they don't package a 32bit bootloader by default, and that's required for booting on your device. (CloudReady has support for 32bit UEFI which is why you only run into the problem in one direction).

    Windows is not a place where I know much about these things though - you might want to research whether Windows 10 even supports your particular hardware , as I know there is some Intel atom chipsets that got abandoned in the move from Win8 to Win10.

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