just find play store already in cloudready(chromium os) see pics



  • Joshav

    How did you do that? I have the latest version and no Google Play is available.
    I can use Play Store only for installations to my smartphone, not for the notebook.

    However there should be (in version 53) some Google Play section in Settings, but it isn't:

  • deleted

    Nice photoshop. If it's there they would have told. That would be big news, doubt they forgot mention such.

  • Volram

    This is real. However there is no way to sign up in the Play Store. My guess is that the container part is missing in the Chromium OS Build (this can be bypassed in the build process itself by including specific command to build the OS with the Android part). This is done in the Flint OS and it can be done in Cloudready as well (Flint OS with Play Store:https://flintos.io ) . 

  • deleted

    Woop instructions was edited in later. It's loading. Letting it on and see what happens

    Edit: "Unknown error" NOOO, THIS CLOSE!! 

  • Joshav

    Does not work for me.

    It takes all commands, but nothing change after it:


    I have also tried the following approach:
    - Browse to the settings page (chrome://settings)
    - Open up your Dev Console (CTRL+SHIFT+J)
    - Enter the following code in the Dev Console:

    Android apps option appears in the setting, but if I check it - nothing:

    Tried on both versions - 64bit (53.2.8) and 32bit (53.2.9) - no success.

  • deleted

    Doesn't work anyway. Nothing to see here really. 


    Smh. Being on early access group and last one to hear this. Professional

  • Forrest Smith

    Just for clarity here:


    Because this is not a functional feature, but just a way to open a useless window, Neverware has not announced anything about this.

    There's no change to what CloudReady supports here - this is just a way to show the play store icon and open the front page.

  • David

    Could you looking into the system files to check if there was android elements?

    By the way, how can I make reply to your comments? or there is no way to do that?

    Thank you 

  • Forrest Smith

    There's no direct reply in these forums - just posting is fine.

    We have done, and continue to do, research to understand to what extent the Android components are available and usable in the Chromium code base.

    We don't have anything to share about that yet, but we are certainly very focused on it.

  • Volram

    According to some Google devs, most of the code needed for running Android apps on Chromium OS (the code supporting this ability is collectively referred to as “Arc++”) is now available as open source, and, for the most part, “there's nothing stopping people from implementing this approach elsewhere.” See https://groups.google.com/a/chromium.org/forum/?hl=en#!topic/chromium-os-discuss/OfBln-hl7ug

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi volram,

    If you read that whole, thread, you'll see that Frysinger specifically calls out that the Android container is missing. The container is the key difference between the ARC approach and this one - so it is not as simple as it may sound to work without it.


    On top of that, he mentions that the missing components are often "board specific" - each board is a different motherboard or motherboard-config. CloudReady is certified on 210+ different "boards", and our community of Home users probably adds at least 1000+ more unique possibilities to that mix. So, similar to how getting hardware driver support for a huge variety of models has taken a few years, making sure any given feature for these Android apps works properly on most hardware out there will be a serious undertaking.


    We're very focused on understanding and pursuing this as a feature for CloudReady - we understand you and many other users see it as important. We'll keep all of you updated as we learn more.


    And, for what it's worth : FlintOS only has one build available - a v49 build for the RaspberryPi 2. Since it is v49, it does not offer Android App support.

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Volram,


    We're familiar with that article as well - thanks for sharing to the wider community. His statements about it being available int he code base don't line up 100% percent with what we've seen, but they do suggest that over time much of it will be avaialble.


    This remains a top-concern of ours.

  • pointist

    비슷한 내용입니다.


  • Soham Chattopadhyaya

    In Google IO event they were running Play Store in open source ( Chromium OS ) so how it's possible???. Link to video https://youtu.be/ZLYzX0G0YKQ watch it at 3:52 you will see that they are running Play Store, Gmail Android App in Chromium OS !!!

  • Soham Chattopadhyaya

    Hey CloudReady Company why you are not answering my question that how Google is Running Play Store, Gmail and Google Translate android app in Chromium OS in Google IO Event? I had identified Chromium OS by looking to the Blue logo Chromium on Google IO Event. CloudReady OS runs very very smooth on my PC but I want to run Android Apps and Games like Asphalt 8. So Please Answer My Questions that how Google is able to run Play Store and android apps in Chromium OS.

  • Forrest Smith



    The answer to your question is already answered, by me, in this thread.


    Further, there are many other places in these forums where this topic is re-answered over the recent past. Please take a moment to search and read the forums for pre-existing answers to your questions in the future to avoid unnecessary noise and repeats of the same information.

  • Soham Chattopadhayaya

    Fyde OS Beta based on Chromium OS runs full Fledged Play Store and Android Apps using Container but it is in Beta

    Watch the video first https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khBZldHX_a0

    They asked first do you want Play Store or not if you press yes then it installs Play Store Automatically ( if you are out of China )

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