No way to re-mount second internal hard drive once ejected without having to reboot.



  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Dennis,


    Chromium OS isn't built with the idea of multiple physical disks in mind, so it treats all storage devices as external. That's why it can't re-mount the device - Chromium assumes you'll plug it back in if you need it.


    With that in mind, you'll need to use the cmd line to mount to a folder in the Downloads folder.


    1) Get a terminal with ctl+al+t 




    mkdir ~/Downloads/myOtherDrive


     mount /dev/sdX ~/Downloads/myOtherDrive

    where /dev/sdX is the whole-device name for your drive (probably /dev/sda or /dev/sdb).

    You can use the output of this command to figure out which is which:

    sudo fdisk -l


    That should put the drive on a folder you can access in Downloads , mounting and unmounting as you please


    To unmount it, you can run 

    umount /dev/sdX


  • Dennis Grudzinsky

    OK, thanks. I'll keep this in mind.

  • Isti Maisaroh

    HI, I have the same problem and tried Forrest Smith solution but the host replied with "only root can do that"


    what do I do now? please advice

  • Tony Baloney

    sudo <command>

    Which command gives the error???

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