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  • Damian Matias Arroyuelo

    You can try to follow my steps, maybe helps you. But for start, make sure you have UEFI support in your BIOS.

    Check my post here:


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  • Forrest Smith

    First, please review the Dualboot install note at and ensure you meet all requirements,  including having a preexisting UEFI install of Windows, turning off encryption,  and disabling fast startup.

    If you're certain you check those boxes,  take the final line in the error you got and remove all quotes :

    usr/sbin/chromeos-install --dst /dev/sda --yes --skip_dst_removable --target_bios efi

    Then add 'sudo'  to the front and run it from cmd line while logged in,  by pressing ctl+alt+t, the running 'shell',  and then running the cmd above (with sudo)

    Paste the copy output of that here so we can see more info on the problem. 

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