hard disk got damaged



  • Courtney

    No your hard disk isn't damaged, cloudready creates 27 partions I believe in single boot and only 12 partions in dualboot unless it does create 27 partions lol. (could of sworn I saw 12 partions for dualbooting in another post)

    Since the partions created that means you don't have to do it manually through the command terminal just let it sit there even though it says like it will only take 20 minutes. If it takes longer then 1-2 hours then I would say manual install no idea what the command install for dual boot is though.

    So recommend you try the gui installer one more time and just wait and if goes past 1-2 hours then blah lol or if you don't want to try again then you should wait for one of the devs to give you the terminal command. (I thought I knew it but not really sure lol.)

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  • Forrest Smith

    Courtney is pretty much right - 


    You initiated dualboot, so CloudReady did the following:


    1) Borrowed 32GB of free storage from your main Windows partition (that's how much space is required for dualboot). This can explain why you now see your D:\\ drive as almost full. You probably only had ~32GB of free space before.

    2) Used that 32GB to create new partitions up to #27 . We create small "buffer" partitions between your existing Windows stuff up to #15, and then in #16-27 we install CloudReady (because CR needs 12 partitions).

    3) At this point, the install sequence probably got stuck, and hung forever. When you turned off the machine you didn't do any damage.


    So something is wrong that prevents install, but it isn't clear what.


    Here's what you should try:

    1) Boot from usb and log in

    2) Press ctl+alt+t 

    3) run cmd "shell"

    4) now run 

    sudo python /opt/neverware/auto_install.py --dualboot

    and copy/paste ALL of the output here

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