Dual Boot Installation Fails - Windows Fast Startup must be disabled


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  • Forrest Smith

    Not clear why fdisk -l would be incomplete - are you using using the GUI cmd line? (Ctl+alt+t from the desktop) or the TTY (ctl+alt f2) ? If you're using the TTY, the internal drive is probably just scrolling past the screen too fast.


    Also - what name does your 64 GB usb show? /dev/sdb ? Or /dev/sda ?


    Next - try running "sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media" - this may give an error with even more info. 

    Even if it doesn't say anything interesting, you may want to try (*with /dev/sda1  unmounted*) sudo ntfsfix /dev/sda1


    Whether or not those things work, you probably want to also boot into Windows and do this:


    1) start cmd as administrator

    2) run chkdsk /f

    3) Agree "yes" when asked if you want to check the disk at next reboot

    4) reboot twice in a row, allow Windows to take all the time it needs to run through any repairing or checking process that starts.


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