Dual boot CloudReady has stopped loading



  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Tomi,

    That's not a CPU/GPU pairing we have a reference device for in-house, so it's possible something changed with the hardware support.
    However, based on your description and screenshot, I think it's more likely that Windows did, in fact, update. A machine like this likely has Win 8 or Win 10 where Microsoft now executes updates automatically without explicit user permission. It would be very easy for Windows to have run an update without anyone noticing if left alone for a couple hours.
    Unfortunately, the recent issues we've seen with Windows updates on CR dualboot machines (if that is the issue ) is that the Windows update adds an additional recovery partition . This alters the partition table without any notification to CloudReady or the bootloader, which is probably why that black screen in your post shows it seeking an EFI file to boot from and not finding it.
    The best check to see if this is true is to liveboot CR or another Linux OS and, from a cmd line, use sudo fdisk -l to check how many partitions the main dualboot disk has. If 27 - the mystery remains. If 28 - Windows update is the culprit and restoring dualboot will require deleting all CloudReady partitions from within Windows and then reinstalling dualboot mode (which we really no longer recommend because of these situations).
    I'm sad to say, a reinstall of CloudReady in dualboot mode will fail  by itself if we're in 28-partiiton territory because the CloudReady installer won't find an existing dualboot install that matches it's expectations. 
    Thankfully, Windows only breaks CloudReady and not itself, so until you can get handd-on with the machine maybe it's best to leave her with just Windows ? (Yuck)
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  • Tomi Hendrix

    Hi Forrest,

    Thanks very much for getting back to me! We've gone with the single install and gotten rid of the dualboot / windows. 

    Thanks again for the advice!

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