Unable to choose cloudready in dual boot menu



  • Joseph Honnoll

    Not that I'm able to help but you know the Dual-Boot for CR and Windows 10 is going away in June or whatever the Date is LINK


    Windows 10 has a Creators-Update that comes out in the Fall or Spring and it messed with the Dual-Boot partition which caused Errors/Crashes



  • Mark Mennens

    Thnx for The reply!

    I've tried some other stuff and managed to get it working.
    Also, the loss of the dual boot option might force me back to win7 or 8... Win10 is way to sluggish after a few weird updates... (and my clean install..)

    To bad I can't just use cloud ready.. I need some windows programs from time to time!

  • Forrest Smith

    Mark - 


    We're looking at some non-dualboot options to help fulfill needs like your in the future - stay tuned.


    In the mean time - glad you worked it out. I have the same device here in our office and have been able to use a usb keyboard through the micro-usb-port.

  • Mark Mennens

    I got it working... but now i have some more issues... (for normal day use).

    1. i have to get into the boot options of my bios to get it to work.. the dual boot screen of cloudready doesn't work (little bit more work... but hey, it works)

    2. i have to attach a keyboard in order to enter my password --> the bluetooth connection of my keyboard doesn't work in the login screen & the onscreen keyboard somehow doesn't show..

    3. it takes like 10-15 times of switching my keyboard & laptop bluetooth to on/off in order to get a connection with the bluetooth keyboard.


    So in total it'll cost me about 15-20 minutes to get my cloudready pc booted up and ready to go. (not ideal)

    So i really hope you guys get this figured out...

    I really like the os, but like i said in a previous comment... i really need some windows programs.



  • Forrest Smith

    2) The on-screen keyboard not working prior to login is a known issue - sorry. We hope to address it, but it isn't as simple as I'd have hoped.

    However, you should be able to pair bluetooth at the login screen without issue - I can't remember having had a problem.  The connection might be user-profile specific tho, so if your initial pairing was done after logging in, you may need to re-pair the periphal from the login screen.


    3) This I also haven't seen - I'd again recommend you unpair and forget the device then repair to see if that helps.

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