Is it possible? Acer Travelmate 290 and HP compaq mini 700EL



  • Forrest Smith

    HI Aurelio - welcome.


    The short answer is that if your device is not on the certified list, there's no way to know if it will work except to try! Just go to our guide and get started. You can run through the whole thing and test your machines without risk - just don't click to install until you're sure you're ready.


    You can also look at other machines reported as working by searching these forums for your device names or similar names, or by checking out this list we keep


    If you find your machines work, please post about it so we can add them for future user!

  • Aurelio Dutto

    Thank you a lot for the answer, Forrest!
    I shall upgrade some hardware and update the community when I have run the OS on the devices!

  • Aurelio Dutto

    What can I say.

    Currently typing from my HP Compaq Mini 700EL with CloudReady OS working great. No problems typing, with audio, videos, or touchpad page scrolling.

    Great thanks to the team behind this. I'll now proceed installing it.

    P.S. You may now add the device to the known working devices list! 



  • Aurelio Dutto

    Edit: the software is working even if I have a RAM of 1 GB. Will however install a 2 GB RAM in the near future for a more fluid experience!

  • Joseph Honnoll

    Your Laptop has the Old Zif connector Type for Hard Drives but there are only a few SSD type made but cost $$$. Just upgrade the RAM LINK


    For the Acer RAM and you can upgrade to a small SSD as it's Sata connector 32GB and Case


  • Aurelio Dutto

    Aye, I found it out myself! Thanks tho, it's what I'm going to do :)

  • Aurelio Dutto

    Would the SSD be OK if it's 3.0? The Acer I suppose has Sata 1

  • Joseph Honnoll

    yeah it's fine. Most are backward compatible 

  • Aurelio Dutto

    Perfect, good to know 😎

  • Stuart McMillan

    HI, I have the Mini 700. Can you please tell me did you use the 64-bit or 32-bit version of cloudready. Thanks in advance.

  • Aurelio Dutto

    Hey Stuart,

    I used the 32-bit version. Wish you luck installing the OS! If you have my same model then you should be fine!

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