Acer TravelMate 290



  • Joseph Honnoll

    This Laptop is too old for CR. From my searching it only has 1GB RAM an a OLD CPU single core @1.4GHZ

    CR At least requires 2GB (But though 1GB is pushing it) and a Single core @2GHZ

  • Aurelio Dutto


    I just tried booting the USB with plop boot manager. The CR opening screen did actually show up, but the pc after abut ten seconds shut itself off.

    I don't want to give up just yet.
    The device is actually running on 500 megabytes of RAM which is probably pushing it to reboot automatically. I easily could upgrade the RAM to 2 gigabytes. About the core, not so sure. Yet, I wouldn't mind trying.

    What do you think?

  • Aurelio Dutto

    The fact the CR opening screen showed up sounds promising to me..

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Aurelio - 

    Please note that there is no requirement for a specific CPU frequency - Joseph is mistaken in that respect.


    However, he is sadly correct that your laptop is too old to boot CloudReady.

    Based on these specs it looks like your laptop has less than 0.5 GB of RAM, and was published in 2013. CloudReady is aimed at laptops and desktops 10 years older or newer, so this ~15 year old device is probably not compatible.

  • Aurelio Dutto

    Hi Forrest,

    If I may ask, is the problem then relevant to the RAM alone?

    On the website, it states that the device can have its RAM upgraded with two 1 GB RAM cards.

    Would that help?

  • Joseph Honnoll

    1GB is pushing the requirements for CR. The RAM is PC400 or PC300 or just DDR1. It's slow but that shouldn't matter anyways so. Having more RAM is better then Less in this computer-age

  • Forrest Smith

    if you can see the CloudReady splash, you may be able to boot CloudReady and the crashing could be simple due to low memory. I'd encourage you to try it if you have a few minutes and the excess RAM is already on hand.


    If you're looking at buying more RAM... I can't recommend that. A CPU that old might just fail again later in the boot process when trying to bring up the actual OS UI (the login screen and desktop are less forgiving than the splash screen you saw).


  • Aurelio Dutto

    Ok so-

    I have opened the RAM compartment.

    There are two slots with 250 megabytes each. It's really not much, as we all agree.

    I have a spare 1 GB in another apartment, but I won't be there until Thursday. Said RAM is part of another old laptop I'm using, but that will soon be replaced with a 2 GB card.
    I'll buy the other RAM from AliExpress (I've been getting computer stuff off there and, at least for me, it's quite convenient because of its out-of-factory prices).

    Fingers crossed: if the two future RAMs are accepted by the CPU of this TravelMate, I might be able to load up CR properly. Even despite its very old age.
    Thanks for your help, I'll update you when I have the components installed.

  • Joseph Honnoll



    There was a recent user here who booted with just 1GB but his CPU was far newer so. Forrest is right though. Adding a 1GB Stick (Thus' replacing the 512 one) would be rather pointless due to the CPU. You could try though and see

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