Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro Model XE700T1C Compatibility



  • Forrest Smith

    Hey Steve,


    Thanks for the detailed info! Glad you're (mostly) seeing success.


    The issue with OSK syncing across devices is because you're enabling it via accessibility. When everything is properly tuned, the OSK is available based on Chromium's awareness of "tablet mode", triggered when a keyboard is detached or missing. This would make the OSK only show up on the device where tablet mode is enabled. When enabled via accessibility, you get the same keyboard but Google assumes you need it for a cross-platform or user-centric reason.


    You can manually trigger tablet mode if you want. Go to chrome://flags/#ash-debug-shortcuts (like it's a URL in the browser) and enable and restart. once that's on, whenever you're ready to switch from laptop mode into tablet mode, you can press ctrl+alt+shift+t to enable tablet mode, and press it once more to disable it.

    Basically, that can give you the workflow of pressing ctrl+alt+shift+t just prior to removing your keyboard, and just after replacing your keyboard, to mimic the transition to tablet mode.

  • Steve Lockett

    Cheers, Forrest, I'll give that a shot once the current batch of "real-life distractions" has subsided :)


  • Steve Lockett

    Forrest, that works, at least as far as enabling the keyboard.

    When invoked, that mode adds three icons to the shelf.

    • a left arrow at the extreme left of the shelf
    • a screen rotation icon in between the clock and WiFi icon in the status bar
    • an icon shaped like a box with a couple of vertical bars to the immediate right of the box - UPDATE - further gerfingerpoken revealed that this is the desktop switcher but it's only active in tablet mode


    Breaking News! - I had a Netflix break whilst prepping this response and I was in the midst of setting up the Sammy Tab for a screenshot of the shelf when I noted there had been an update. Interestingly, the stylus was working without having switched to Tablet mode. Post restart, the screen now responds to stylus and touch non-exclusively, that is, I can scroll a page with my finger then select a point on the dock with the stylus !!!


    The only thing is that screen rotate is not working in tablet mode regardless of the Auto-rotate setting being set or fixed on Landscape. Pressing the physical button on the side of the bezel adjacent to the power switch has no effect; I'm currently locked in Landscape mode.... but that finger or stylus not being randomly mutually exclusive - that's a big win :) 

  • Forrest Smith

    Yeah - that auto-rotate button is only for preventing/allowing screen rotation. The actual ability to auto-rotate requires driver support for gyroscope/accelerometer sensors. That's not work we've done yet, or are sure we'll do in the near future.


    I'm glad you got touch & stylus functionality both working though. If you want to adjust screenrotation, you'll need to use ctrl+shift+f3 (or maybe ctrl+shift+fn+f3) prior to removing the keyboard.

  • Steve Lockett

    Onya, mate! :) 

  • Steve Lockett

    Posted too soon, Forrest... I should have checked first.

    ctrl+shift+F3 will rotate 90 degrees clockwise but only after switching to tablet mode when docked.

    Redocking and expecting the same keystrokes to toggle back to landscape mode orientation won't work. You have to toggle.out of tablet mode to get the screen to rotate back.

    The other item of significance here is that without the keyboard icon in the taskbar/system tray when in tablet mode, the OSK is only available when text entry points on a screen have been tapped.

    I should be able to (based on the Windows 10 experience) tap a keyboard icon, bring up the OSK, and have the full keyboard experience available, replete with non-alphanumeric keys such Ctrl, Alt and so on. Basically, like the image below (albeit this is not the latest version I had) but mapping the Chromebook functionality. Being able to switch to a number pad and having the Hide key would be advantageous

  • Forrest Smith

    1) I'm able to rotate the screen clockwise using ctrl+shift+f3 as many times as I need to in both tablet mode and regular mode, though I do need to use the physical keyboard to do so. The on-screen keyboard doesn't let me trigger that rotation. But if I rotate it to where I want it to be, then remove the keyboard, I can use it as a tablet for as long as needed, and then after re-docking I can disable tablet mode and rotate back to landscape.

    2) The Win10 keyboard and Chromium keyboard are not the same, but it sounds like there's some missing functionality. We expect our next major release (not 64.4 next week, but anything after that) to carry some input methods improvement, so keep an eye out for that - it may help.

  • Steve Lockett

    ... annnnd today I fired up the tablet in order to get the latest update to find the screen rotated 90 clockwise BUT this time, subsequent presses of ctrl+shift+f3 perform exactly as you said.


  • Henry Tam

    I have exact the same setup, and while most of the stuff is working, it's bugging me that the screen brightness is broken. 

    The keyboard shortcuts are working, and the value in device seems to reflect that


    I even cross reference against to see if there are any settings but none that I can find.

    None of it do anything, the screen is permanently at full brightness. Anyone got any solutions?

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Henry,

    When you say "The keyboard shortcuts are working," - does that mean that you see the brightness slider pop up on screen when you try adjust brightness?

    If so, can you clarify what the key combos you're using to adjust brightness are? Have you tried F6/F7 (w/ and without Fn) as well as any keyboard-shortcuts?

  • Henry Tam

    Sorry for the late reply.

    Yes I tried all keyboard combination, they all trigger the OSD slider, none of which does anything unless at lowest brightness, at which stage the screen turns off.

  • Forrest Smith

    No worries about the delay - sorry to say, I don't have any bright ideas for adjusting the actual brightness. Hopefully you can get by w/o that control.

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