How do you uninstall Flatpacks



  • Steve Lockett


    I had the same issue but I hit a snag for another reason. (command spelling error :) )

    As long as you're comfortable with the terminal screen, then it's no big issue, just a little... command-line convoluted :)

    1. Type CTRL+ALT+T to open a terminal window

    2. Type


    at the prompt then press Enter


    3. Type 

    flatpak list

    to show the list of installed flatpaks. You need the full name of the flatpak to use the uninstall command.

    4. The command to uninstall a flatpak is

    sudo flatpak uninstall

    followed by the full filename.

    I want to uninstall the Spotify flatpak, which is 


     so I type 

    sudo flatpak uninstall com.spotify.Client/x86_64/stable

    followed by the Enter key.

    and I see the following:

    I can type flatpak list again just to be sure it's no longer there:

    and I confirm that it's gone. It no longer appears in my Launcher drawer either.

    Hope this helps!

    P.S. to properly exit the Terminal session window, one should type exit followed by the Enter key, then type exit followed by the Enter key again, but closing the browser tab/window will do the same thing

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  • Moos

    Thank you very much for this guide! 



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  • Remi R

    Thank you very much, Steve!

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  • niyazi

    i cannot work libre office in cloudready V70.3 and i try to uninstall it. but it required root rights.

    i try    sudo disable_verity .

    but it cannot give me root rights.


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  • ScardracS

    You have to "sudo mount -o rw,remount /" after reboot

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