Do i need to create the usb installer from the specific OS i'm going to install?



  • Forrest Smith

    No there should be no problem making your USB on a different machine than you are installing to, regardless of original OS.


    Some things you could try if your iMac won't show the USB:


    Reset PRAM

    Confirm that your USB shows up / is bootable on a different device (perhaps our Windows machine?)

    Make sure you aren't using a Sandisk USB

  • Mariel

    Thanks for replying so soon.

    I did as you said and it still doesn't show the option to boot from usb. I've read other posts and tried the things suggested there, like waiting at least two minutes to show, trying different ports, use a 2.0 not SanDisk 8 or 16gb, etc. At first i tried 32gb SanDisk, on that one i couldn't even get the installer created. Then i read it needed to be 8 or 16gb and not SanDisk, so i tried with a 16gb Kingston 3.0, then i read the 2.0 thing and now i'm trying with an old 8gb generic usb.

    I'm trying to install it (the 32 bit version) on an iMac 4,1 intel core duo with 2gb of ram, which is not on the certified list but i wanted to give it a try anyway.

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