aspire r 11 r3-131t-c1yf comptability to CloudReady



  • Joe Pagliaro III

    can your screeen rotate,when folded back ? 

  • Forrest Smith

    HI Joe,


    Screen rotation and tablet mode aren't supported automatically on CloudReady. 


    You can set up your device to allow these to manually triggered if you want tho.


    1) Go to chrome://flags/#ash-debug-shortcuts (in your browser url bar) and enable that flag, then restart with the blue button on the page

    2) Now you can manually initiate tablet mode by pressing ctl+alt+shift+t 

    3) If you want to rotate your screen, you can also do this manually (90 degrees at a time) by pressing ctrl+shift+f3 (depending on your device, it might be ctrl+shift+fn+f3)


    Not the most convenient, but as long as you aren't spinning the machine around constantly it should work.

  • Bert E

    Any tips on getting it to work on the aspire R3 please

    I can get it to run ok from the USB, but i get a blank screen after the install and then remove the USB.

    So it wont boot unless i keep the USB plugged in.

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Bert,


    You should generally start a new thread if you have issues with a different model - there's little reason to assume your R3 will be exactly the same as the R11 in this thread.


    Check if your BIOS settings allow you to follow the steps for this certified model - those might help. If they don't, post a new thread with a more detailed model name (R3 is not specific enough - you want something closer to the extended model name in this thread's title), along with screenshots/photos of your bios and descriptions of all troubleshooting steps you've tried so far.

  • Joe Pagliaro III

    i just realized mine isnt an r11 r3,just an r3-131t-c1yf ...thanks for the tidbit..

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