• Forrest Smith

    Hey Chris,


    I don't know anything about Family Link at this point, but Supervised users (the prior way of getting this kind of child-account management done) was mediated by a protected API endpoint that only official Google builds could use. There is a reasonable chance that is the case here as well, unfortunately. 

    I'll see what I can learn and post here if I make any progress, but sometimes the depths of Google are hard for even us to penetrate, so you might want to consider alternative plans.

    1) You could buy proper Chrome hardware

    2) You could register for a GSuite domain and manage your family's accounts through that (it costs $5/user/month)

    3) ??? (maybe you're more creative than I am?) 


    Again - we haven't abandoned this, but I want to set realistic expectations based on what we've seen in the past.

  • Derek

    Forrest, In regards to your #2 option, how would adding a GSuite domain help in regards to getting Family Link up and working using Cloudready Home?

  • Forrest Smith

    Sorry I should be more specific - 


    A G Suite domain would offer you as much or more control over each account compared to Family Link. You'd basically be provisioning user accounts in the G Suite domain the way a school admin does with student accounts. You'd need to register a G Suite domain, create an account for each user you want to manage, and then use the G Suite controls to limit access in the way you'd normally use Family Link.

  • Derek

    Hey Forrest,

    Would this work with Cloudready Home, or would other editions of Cloudready be needed to enable the Gsuite-based content control?

  • Forrest Smith

    You could do this all on CloudReady home. You'd be controlling user-settings, so to do this all on CloudReady home you'd need to make sure your fully-privileged account was the first to login on your machine, and then you'd need to restrict logins (under settings for that admin user) to only allow the specific managed G Suite users you control to log in and prevent guest mode. 

    That way, your user settings in G Suite are enforced whenever those users log in, and you prevent any other users from logging to circumvent those rules.

  • B Sperling

    From the Google forums:

    "Purchasing a domain and creating an account on it for a minor is allegedly a violation of the G-Suite TOS."

    So, no G Suite for kids and no FamilyLink on CloudReady, so this pretty much makes CloudReady a no-go for anyone who wants to use it for their family computer.  Am I interpreting things correctly?

    If so, I would have hoped that this would have been a higher priority for developers.

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi B

    As discussed earlier in the thread with reference to Surpervised Users - many things Family Link included, are simply outside of our control due to the way Google restricts 3rd party use of different APIs. Our development priorities arent a factor in this case.

    I can't speak authoritatively on any of Google's policies legally, but I would take the post you've quoted and linked to with a major grain of salt. In an entire thread of people discussing this tactic of using GSuite for a family, only that single user has complained about that problem - I would expect that to happen to many or all people who pursue this option if it were true that it's illegal. And besides, in 4 years that is the only mention of this kid of thing I've heard.

  • Brent Smithson

    HI has this been revisited?


    I was told not only by Google that the Family Link APIs have been mmade public through to 3rd party vendors. your site the HOME or Free version  "

    • Tinkerers
    • Parents and students
    • Other humans ready for a better OS

    I am not sure how the Parents part is if you are saying I should have the account managed by a domain doesnt that require the Enterprise or education edition??

    I am sure if you were able to link to Family Link this would help a lot of parents as it manages everything for the parents including time limits etc. 

    Is this something you all can explore and get back to us?

  • Forrest Smith



    How did you get in contact with Google to learn that the Gamily Link APIs are public? Which department or person did you speak to?

    We would be happy to work with them, since they may have some information or solution that we at Neverware do not know about.

  • Fei Yau

    Hi, any new development on this ? Using latest home edition using USB maker and it loads great but can't work with my daughter's account which is managed under family link.

    When i sign in using her account, it asks to update Chromebook which seems to indicate there is a later version that supports family link. 

    Thank you.

  • Geofrey Hill

    There has been no change to Family Link support at this time.

  • Rick Fraatz

    Being new to Cloud Ready, I have recently seen multiple versions updates in the past few days. That being said, has Family Link Support been added?  I am on Version 74.4.  If nothing updated, is it coming the future.

    Thanks in advance for your response.


  • Forrest Smith

    Still no change, sorry.

  • Bidwell Ely

    just in case someone is interested here is the link

  • Joe

    From my searching this is a Google-Play thing thus a Android App thus no Android on CR *Yet "They still are wondering about this (Forrest - can you comment? Just I know it'd take years to obtain *If Google in the Future Allows for other Companies to obtain to allow Android APKs but I think there's one company that allows it but I don't know how they're doing it


    It's just another company like CR but has more or Less Features?! Could be wrong...

  • Forrest Smith

    Family Link provides controls for parents over managed child-accounts across Android. Chrome OS, and Google web-services in general. I don't think it is a purely Android-related feature, and the fact that Family Link accounts can't be used on CloudReady is, we believe, related to API access restrictions and security by Google, not Android apps access on Chrome OS.


    We will, as with all changes of this kind, notify everyone on the blog via our release notes if the day comes where we can make this functionality work.

  • Erick Yupanqui

    Please, we need Family Link.

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