• Mikoto San

    Hi there.
    You can only dual boot with a Windows operating system.
    That being said, the feature will no longer be supported from next month.

    More info here.


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  • Sean Grant

    Hi Mikoto.

    I understand that Dual Boot has been discontinued, however, I would like to install ChromeOS on a separate partition on my MacBook, which already has Win10 and OSX dual boot working using BootCamp.

    I have partitioned a ChromeOS area on the HDD, and would like to know how to proceed to install the Home edition on that partition without wiping the HDD, as is indicated when I start the installation.

    My concern is that it will wipe out the Win10 and OSX partitions, however would like to proceed, if this will not happen.

    Please could you advise how I can achieve this, as I need to be able to support users in a Google Education environment, and others in a Microsoft Education environment.

    Thanks, Sean.

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