Imac install thinks SSD drive is USB



  • Forrest Smith

    I don't think this is necessarily that the iMac is recognizing your SSD as a USB device - just that it doesn't know that the default boot options should be CloudReady.


    Try booting with option to that same screen, but when you get there hold the control key (not the apple command key) while you click the disk to select it. After that, it should boot by default to CloudReady.

  • jgay

    That worked, thanks.  Still seems slow to boot and also a few weird clicking noises.  Unrelated, but any idea how to make a bluetooth apple trackpad work more smoothly?  I have it at fastest settings but mouse cursor still moves sluggishly.


    Thanks.  I never would have believed that an 11 year old mac works better and faster than an almost new bloated OS X!

  • Forrest Smith

    Hey jgay,


    Which bluetooth touchpad are you using? The first original or 2nd gen?


    My 1st gen trackpad (with the disposable batteries) works fine for me... it might be that the bluetooth connection is spotty in your case?

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