Dual Boot ChromiumOS after stopping dual boot suppport



  • Torbjörn Johansson

    I think you could try install from commandline with chromeos-install -d and install rEFInd bootmanager from Windows!

    I´ve done that with an earlier version of CloudReady!

  • wyocoyote

    Hmmm want to do similar (because I am loving this Neverware Chromium) I dont speak linux well but am marginally Tech saavy in more of a Windows way. Can i say partition a drive Install cloudready on it and choose which OS to boot from choosing Fn F12 at startup? This is how I'm doing it w/ the usb stick. Honestly I may not need to do an install it runs so well off USB, but I'd like to. Sure I'd prefer a more seamless dual boot workaround. Like I've had in the past w different versions of windows, or linux and windows or Mac OS and windows. I am not re-purposing an older computer but loving the OS for most all i do on a "zippy" I7 Lenovo. So much less crap than the big two commercial os'es. Is there a nice pref free and stable dual boot program I can use? Maybe what TJ above suggested is just the ticket. Not sure how things would boot up. After "startup" I'd have a choice? that would be ideal, even more ideal would be to have a default OS boot (prob Cloudready) Thanks. 

  • Joe

    I've tried Dual Boot and it doesn't work. When ever a update is installed it fails to boot the Grub Menu to allow which OS to boot to and when you install a Firmware update to a Linux OS it just breaks Linux and boots to CR

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