Live Booting Cloudready on a Cloudready



  • Mikoto San

    Hi there.

    If the files are on the "Live Boot USB" try the following.

    1. Boot up the Live USB.

    2. Once booted up, try plugging In another USB.

    3. open 2nd USB in the file manager.

    4. If asked to format 2nd USB say yes (This will delete all files on that usb)

    5. Copy Files from Live USB to 2nd USB.

    6. boot the Installed CloudReady and copy files from USB.

    Hope this helped.



  • Forrest Smith

    One thing to add:


    Files are encrypted on those live USBs according to pairings of users and devices. So to access files you stored on the USB, you probably need to liveboot the USB on the same computer you were using it on before and then follow Mikoto's steps. 

  • Swapnil Sagar

    Thanks a lot for your response, Mikoto and Forrest.

    Actually, I livebooted it to test it on my Mac.

    Then, I placed the files in the liveboot USB by extending the partition using Gparted.

    Then, I installed Cloudready which wiped out Mac.

    Now, should I liveboot it on another computer or is there a technique to do the liveboot on the installed Cloudready OS itself??

  • Forrest Smith

    If you want the files from before then you need to liveboot the same USB installer on the Mac that you installed CloudReady too. You can liveboot it now, after the CloudReady install, exactly as you could before.

  • Swapnil Sagar

    I'm unable to boot the USB.

    Also, when I type:

    crosh> shell
    chronos@localhost / $ sudo crossystem dev_boot_usb=1 dev_boot_legacy=1

    It says:Parameter dev_boot_usb is read-only

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