Can't boot from USB on my Acer laptops



  • Forrest Smith


    A few things that could help:

    • On one or both laptops, have you disabled Secure Boot?
    • You mention changing the boot order in BIOS, but have you tried interrupting startup to access a one-time-boot menu to see what options are available there?
    • What settings are available in your BIOS about UEFI/Legacy mode? how are they set?
    • Do you have any other machines besides these two that you can test your USBs on? If they work on any other devices that would confirm that the USB installers / imaging process are not the problem, so you can focus on BIOS settings.

    Finally - a more detailed description of what you see on the screen when trying to boot from USB would be helpful. Try disabling the ability to boot from the internal HDD/SSD altogether if you need to.

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  • John MacGibbon

    Thanks for that very helpful looking reply, Forrest. Unfortunately I probably won't be able to try your suggestions for at least another month as I am about to travel overseas.


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