CloudReady is slower than Windows 7



  • exit8

    I tried CR on Dell Latitude 2120, and it did not seem to load noticeably faster. That was my mine goal. I put back Windows 7.

    I tried CR on an Acer Aspire One D257, and it does not load noticeably faster either. I still have CR installed. I may end up putting back Windows 7.

    You will notice that both these netbooks have Intel Atom CPUs and frankly I am disappointed with CloudReady.


    I had Lenono Thinkpad SL510 which I had intended to run CloudReady, but Windows 10 ran so quickly on it, I did not bother installing CR.


    So, I haven't seen the lightening speed.





  • Marty

    That's your network card speeds, try also running  on them to compare the system level speeds.

    Did you notice any battery life differences.

    Depending on the version you're using the boot times can go down to almost instant, my Yoga 2 on the latest dev build boots super quick, has better battery life, and is lighter weight on the system (scores 22,000 on Octane).

  • exit8

    With the Acer Aspire One D257, I installed the latest CR Home.

    With the Dell Latitude 2120, I had installed CR 61.4 



  • Forrest Smith

    For what it's worth, Neverware never claims that hardware will magically be faster on CloudReady.

    CloudReady / Chromium OS are less likely to slow down over time due to storage and application bloat. They also aren't generally vulnerable to malware, and get much more regular updates compared to Windows. All those factors can contribute to a much faster experience over time, on average. However, when comparing a fresh install of both, it's not surprising to experience similar performance.
    Keep in mind that your network measurements are not the only indicator of performance - there are other benchmarks for performance, memory management, etc as well as plenty of subjective stuff like scrolling smoothness.
    The good news is, if you prefer the experience or features of Windows... You're welcome to stick with Windows! That's why we make sure you can try CloudReady from USB first. 
  • exit8

    Noone is saying anything about preferring the experience of Windows.


    Both Ron and I are talking about speed

    For me, boot up speed being faster than Windows 7 was what I was after.

    I didn't get it so I am disappointed.

  • Forrest Smith

    I only mean that boot speed is part of the overall experience.

    I've never seen CloudReady boot slower than Windows does, all other things equal, but it's normal for boot time to be approximately equal when using a fresh install.

    But I'll stand by the fact that after active use for a year or more, CloudReady will be consistently much faster than Windows. That real-world advantage is significant according to our paid userbase.

  • Ron

    Although Forrest Smith is correct about Neverware not claiming that laptops will run faster,  the Internet is full of promo blogs say exactly that - and I don't see Neverware jumping in to correct this misinformation.  

    How to turn your sluggish old Mac or PC into a faster Chromebook


    Turn your sluggish old Windows laptop into a super-speedy Chromebook



    How To Speed Up Your Old Computer With Chromium


    On the same hardware where Windows is SLOW, Cloudready runs FAST.

  • Phil Reilly

    Is it the wireless driver with the Intel 6200 802.11AGN hardware that's working slow? Try connecting via Ethernet to see if THAT runs faster.

  • Marty

    I guess I'm lucky and had a quicker experience with much improved battery life.

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Ron,

    We always strive to provide only accurate, reasonable descriptions of our product. Nobody here has any control over what's posted in 3rd party articles, correcting every blog is a pretty ask.

    Further, because "speed" is something that describes an experience that is very subjective, and is relative to whatever Windows install they have (not necessarily a clean install), it doesn't seem like those claims are necessarily false.


    If you feel mislead, I'm definitely sorry (whether we are at fault or not, it's not our intent). That said, I think the practical experience for most folks is comparing to an older, degraded install of Windows to CloudReady, so I'd guess that there are major improvements in performance for most people.

  • Phil Reilly

    My sluggish old Macbook 4,1 has been turned into a faster Chromebook!

  • Don Robertson

    Positively glacial on my laptop. Booting off a USB 3 drive, but full KDE disk run faster. Also - kde gets a good wifi signal. cloudready cannot find the wifi access point unless I move closer to it. Even Win 10 is faster.


    Basically unusable

  • Tony Baloney

    USB interface is super slow even though the drive is fast.

  • Don Robertson

    It is a usb 3 interface as well as a 3 drive. It is fast enough to run Kubuntu and Ubuntu pretty well. I've run Linux distros off the CD that run faster than Cloudready off a USB 3 drive.

  • Forrest Smith

    The issue may not be your USB drive. There can be other factors depending on the device and the user profile.


    Don, it's possible your device doesn't have as good of driver compatibility on CloudReady as it does with other Linux distros. You're of course welcome to just stick with other OSs, but if you want to figure out what might be wrong, details about your model name and number, and/or additional specs for what's inside it, would be a great place to start.

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