youtube videos are not working.



  • Mikoto San

    Hi there.


    I had the same problem on one of my devices, and I managed to find a fix for this!


    In the URL bar go to "chrome://flags" (without the "")

    Search for "video" (without the "")

    Disable the one with the words "Hardware-accelerated"

    Then there should pop-up a "restart chrome" button

    Press It and login again, then everywhing should work again :-D



  • Forrest Smith

    If your device is an "Apollo Lake" gpu you can expect this to be fixed in v66.3 coming in the next week or so.


    Any hardware details you can provide would let us confirm that, or else look into addressing this problem if it is separate.

  • Arkapravo Das

    Mikoto's solution worked.

    Thank you.



    By the way my cpu is appolo lake, you were right.

    Should i enable the hardware acceleration flag after v66.3 update?

    Forest Smith kindly answer.

  • Forrest Smith


    In v66.3 you won't need that flag, as CloudReady will automatically disable hardware acceleration on Apollo Lake graphics in the scenarios where this issue happens.


    Hi after recent update to my GIGABYTE BRIX GB-BLCE-4105 INTEL CELERON J4105 ULTRA COMPACT PC KIT, YouTube plays only sound and video is black. I would like to inform you also that I have got problems with sound over HDMI, Bluetooth and AUX works perfect

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Vasileios,

    v76 (which is the beta channel release we recently sent out) has a number of know bugs, specifically with video decoding:


    I imagine that's what you're seeing.


    The hdmi sound issue is a separate problem that I believe we've encountered and are also working on an issue, but we don't understand it as well as the video decoding issue. Something to test there: in our testing, hdmi audio works for about 30 seconds after login, and then fails. Can you reproduce that behavior? 


    Yes for some seconds if music begins operates fine. If you stop music, music dies.

  • Forrest Smith


    Do you have v76.2.46 running on your device currently? That release just came out on Friday evening, and I believe it will resolve video issues you have, tho sound issues may or may not persist.
    Please send more detailed feedback after updating on our beta channel about what works and what does not.


    On version 76.2.46 YouTube works ok. Also sound problem over HDMI has been fixed. Thanks!


    Some videos on YouTube continue to have problems. You hear the music but in some video have black screen.

  • Forrest Smith

    Have you installed codecs in the settings menu?


    Yes, after latest update, some YouTube video continue to be black screen with music

  • Forrest Smith



    If v76.3 comes out (very soon now) and you still have these problems, please report back - I hope they will be fixed, but we'll certainly investigate if not.

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