• Nilsonlinux

    Não entendi exatamente o que deseja; Você pode especificar melhor sua dúvida.? Baixe esse aplicativo que deve resolver seu problema. 

  • Dennis Irion

    Programming is done in english!

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Dennis,


    I hope you can find an answer to your problem, but I want to be clear that, joking or not, we're not comfortable with that sentiment in these forums. 

    I'm sure you mean no harm, but please refrain from anything that might imply that someone isn't welcome based on where they come from.


    The Google Translate Extension can be really useful if you need some practical help in scenarios like this. Install it and, when you need to translate a single sentence or paragraph as in this case, just highlight the text and a extension button will pop up to show you a translation. Like this:


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