Remove virtualbox



  • Forrest Smith

    Hi jac,


    Virtualbox is installed outside the flatpak framework. 

    It shows in your app drawer as an option, but is not installed by default unless you open it and choose to install it. 

  • Courtney

    I saw this after today's update & was a bit confused also using 32 bit does that mean 32bit can use flat pack as well just wondering?

  • Forrest Smith

    No - 32bit CloudReady doesn't support flatpaks.

  • ip.ksv

    Still wondering, how delete it from app drawer?

  • jac

    what ip.ksv said. the problem is that it is there in the first place. it annoys me ;_;

  • Felipe Vargas

    I'm also interested in removing the VBox installation icon. It takes up place in the application menu and I'm not a big fan of the applications that are installed for me without I've taken action to install them. (And for that matter Vbox installation icon is an application).

    It would be nice if you consider switching the Vbox installation option to the settings area at the same location as the Flash Player and Video Codecs, where it will be less disruptive and still available to anyone interested.

  • ip.ksv

    Yeah, that would be greatful like Felipe Vargas said.

    P.S All plugins can move to there location (flatpak, docker) with option disable or enable native intergration. That was be awesome!

  • ip.ksv

    Forest Smith, we ask for your competence please. The question is still relevant, and we need a instructions, how can we delete virtualbox from app drawer? We love CloudReady os for the right of choice, no preinstalled apps - that's the thing.

    (ofcourse i'm know, that is not preinstalled soft, just script for do this, but still an eyesore)

    That would be perfectly, if that soft just move at the flathub apps projet. And when we need them, just download it and install

  • jac

    Bumping the thread...

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi All,


    We've taken note of your concern and filed some work into our backlog to change the way Virtualbox shows up and is enabled.


    I definitely understand everyone's preference here, and can say that we intend to make a change. However, since this is cosmetic (Virtualbox is not automatically installed, just available) I can't offer a specific timeline for the change.


    Thanks for using CloudReady and for being vocal about your preferences. We really do appreciate the input, even if we can't make the change instantly.

  • Lakshmikant Patil


    @Forrest Smith , by mistake I installed virtualbox. Whereas I wish to uninstall the same. Please guide me.

    And it would be great if we can remove the installation icon itself as discussed above. It´s been many updates we have received, but never the option to remove the icon. Requesting the same asap.

    Thanking you.

  • Forrest Smith

    You'll need to reinstall CloudReady to uninstall Virtualbox, as far as I know.


    Sorry - your request for more control over the app icon, and for an uninstall option, is heard and documented in our backlog, but we're not currently able to  prioritize them due to a backlog of other user and customer needs. Rest assured that we do eventually intend to bring those changes out, but we are a small team that needs to prioritize the tools and functionality that apply to the widest possible set of customers.

  • ScardracS

    I just want to remove it from my launcher. Are there any method to completely remove it?

  • Joe

    Nope not that I know of. Just backup any important data and you'll have to just reinstall. VM for CR won't reinstall it to the system

  • j

    i installed virtual box by mistake....if i don't use it does it affects on performance of device

  • Joe

    It depends on the Device but NO it won't affect performance 

  • Forrest Smith

    Regardless of the device, having it installed won't impact performance if you never launch the application.

    You can reinstall CloudReady in about 20 minutes if you want to have the application not installed, but you shouldn't worry about it otherwise.

  • j

    can u guide me how to reinstall cloudready

  • Forrest Smith

    Sure - just follow the instructions in our guide

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