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  • Marco Menne

    I have the same question here and looking forward for a solution or answer.

  • Marco Menne

    The answer is easy. After installing the guest OS, you can insert the guest-addition cd. There is no need to install them manually in Virtualbox.

  • Mike Carlson

    Guest Additions is not the same as the extension pack.  Guest additions provides basic virtual hardware support, but doesn't enable the same functionality as the extension pack. 


  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Mike,


    Thanks for clarifying - can you link the documentation on how this would be installed on a typical Linux installation of VBox?

  • Mike Carlson

    I'm by no means a Linux export, Forrest, but I'll give it a try

    Normally I install the extension pack through the Virtualbox GUI. File --> Preferences --> Extensions.  The instructions are in section 1.6 of the user manual here:

    Since I'm running in the context of the chronos users in the Neverware GUI I don't have root permissions.  So it fails like this:

    I read further into the documentation and discovered that the extension pack can be installed using the "VBoxManage" command line utility.  So I thought, great!  I can go into F2 to get into the command line in Neverware, sudo to root, and run the installation.  

    I downloaded the extension pack from Virtualbox to the Downloads folder of my user account.  In the linux file system that ends up being at /home/user/<longusernamestring>/Downloads

    The VBoxManage binary is located at /opt/VirtualBox/VBoxManage.

    So after elevating to root with sudo su - I run change directory to the Downloads folder above and run:

    /opt/VirtualBox/VBoxManage extpack install <extensionpackfilename>

    I get the following error:

    VBoxManage: error: FAiled to initialize COM! (hrc=NS_ERROR_FAILURE)

    I may be doing something wrong ... not sure.  I couldn't find anything directly useful from searching on this error message.

    Thank you.



  • Carl Leubsdorf

    I had the exact same results.

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