Acer Aspire E1-731 works out of the box



  • Forrest Smith

    I found that my Windows 10 VM automatically offered to install guest additions from VirtualBox - they showed up as a CD on the Windows side of things as usual.

    I am not certain if this works for Linux guests in general, but at least this this means that the CloudReady VirtualBox implementation is capable of offering guest tools.

    Glad to hear how much else is working well for you! Tell your friends! 

  • Marco Menne

    That sounds good. Virtualbox in Cloudready is a big benefit for me, because I can use certain systems for development and testing. Next I will try Windows 10 as well. Thanks for your advice.

    Update: Win 10 Pro 64bit works really good in Virtualbox. The guest-additions could be installed and all is fine. :-)

  • Forrest Smith


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