CloudReady as an OTT TV box



  • Forrest Smith

    Glad to hear you're getting good use out of CloudReady on those NUCs!


    You raise a tough problem - Chrome OS and CloudReady really don't want you to be able to access them remotely without a user being present on the other end.

    You can use the Chrome Remote Desktop app as long as you are able to open it, generate the remote access code on the Chromebox, and then read and enter that code into the Chrome Remote Desktop app on your Windows laptop.


    You can also increase system font sizes in Settings on your Chromeboxes. That might help.

  • Holmes

    I am able to use CRD on both boxes, but the handshake process is a pain, and it requires walking up to the television with my keyboard in hand, because old people. I have tested many font sizes, but this fails to provide the solution. Since I use CRD to watch video, once the stream begins I must disconnect to remove the small dialog box that remains. Then when that video concludes the handshake process must begin again. Quandary with a capital Q.

    No Windows RDC-like experience exists, and the boxes didn't really like Windows 10+video so I made this change.

  • Forrest Smith

    Thanks for clariying.


    I'm afraid there may not be a lot to improve upon here. Part of what CloudReady and Chrome OS are built for is superior security. that means the use case you want, with touch-free always-enabled remote access, is inherently disallowed. You could setup SSH-access, but that would only give you command line control, not UI access.


    As far as I know, your choices are to look for a remote-desktop-enabled OS, or to tolerate the inconvenience. Sorry not to have a better option!

  • Chris Jefferies

    Possibly a more appropriate OS for TV would be LibreElec. Its intended to be used by people sat some distance from the TV and you can use a PC Remote and has plenty of add-ons!

  • Holmes

    I had toyed with Kodi at some length before I decided to try CloudReady. It was a pain. Most live video is available through a browser and Chrome is the best browser for streaming. I am now testing a new Shield TV box and expect to test a RK3399 based Android TV box to see if that is the best available experience at this time. I tested wireless display from my Intel laptop and it was a pain. Chromecasting dual streams from (a) Windows installation(s) keeps the home network too active for many other uses. There will always be those tradeoffs.

  • J. Muller

    I currently run Manjaro-linux with Kodi. I operate them with a wireless keyboard and the android app yatse  on my phone.  Both work well. I set the fonts and zoom so I could read from 10ft. away. With yaste I can program recordings on either of the two mediacentres I have that way. Unfortunately I do not see TVHeadend running on Cloudready soon.  

    The 2 mediacentres like that each have 2 usb-DVB-t2 sticks. I have found I rarely use more than one dvb-t2 sticks per centre. Since the mediacentre furthest away from where the aerial enters the house has more reception problems I think I'll move 3 sticks onto 1 Manjaro box and replace the second mediacentre with a cloudready+Kodi one. 

    Kodi runs as flatpak and in Crostini. Not sure which one I'll pick.

    I use a wireless keyboard to operate the cloudready box and yaste to operate kodi from my phone.  It works well, You can get lists of programs on your phone and even control volume, subtitles and everything.

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