• Forrest Smith

    Hi herbiel


    This isn't much info to go on for offering help.

    It looks like, to some extent, you are booted into CloudReady successfully, though at a terminal. How did you manage to get this far? What do you see when you press ctrl+alt+f1 to switch back to the UI? Are you running form USB or installed? 

  • herbiel

    usb并安装all show this。

    ctrl + alt + f1显示cloudready

  • Forrest Smith

    Thanks for the reply. Sadly I think the Radeon graphics in your HP are currently incompatible.
    Chromebooks don't have AMD components in them yet so there's not much modern AMD graphics support. We've added a lot of support so that most older ATI/Radeon GPUs work , but some newer models (like yours I believe) still fail.

    You can keep trying new CloudReady releases as they are announced on our blog, but for now I recommend trying a different OS.

  • herbiel

    where I can down the latest version ??

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