cloudready on lenovo miix 700



  • Forrest Smith

    Hey Stan!


    Thanks awesome- glad you were persistent and finally got a version that works.


    Hopefully others can enjoy the Miix 700 too now that it works - stylus support is a cool perk.

  • stan

    It would be perfect if cloudready can officially support android app.

    I have been planning to buy a touchscreen chromebook but i already have 6 laptops at home and I barely use the lenovo miix 700 ( 4gb ram m5 version) 

    Thank you Neverware!

  • Peter Huang


    I too have found success running CloudReady on my Miix 700 with the exception of the integrated cameras. I have not explicitly tested the rear facing camera but have not had success enabling the front facing camera for Hangout video chats. I am getting a no camera found error. I am really enjoying the CloudReady experience and it would be even better if the front facing camera can be supported.


  • Tristan Lee

    I am struggling to get the touch screen working on my Yoga 510? Any suggestions?


  • Forrest Smith


    Are you on v 74.3?


    You might want to try out this preview of v75.1:

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