• Forrest Smith

    You need to edit a file in partition 27 at the path:


    adding the noapic command to each of the boot entries in that file is what you need to do.


    There's no easy walkthrough for this- you'll need to mount and edit your USB on another different computer, and that will require you know how to use cmd line linux file editing of some kind. Hopefully between your existing knowledge and Googling you can work it out though.

  • Dan Wallen

    Forrest, everywhere I saw the word noresume, I added noapic and the PC booted up. THANK YOU.

    When I go to install Chromium on the hard drive it fails. I don't think it can see the 32GB hard drive. The drive currently has Linux Mint and I don't know how it is formatted. Is there a disk partition utility in Chromium somewhere that might be able to see the drive?

  • Forrest Smith

    What error/info does it feed you back when you attempt the full install?

  • Dan Wallen
    • "CloudReady could not detect any disk for installation."

    Linux Mint will no longer install on the disk either. I'm going to try to delete and create the disk partition if I can find a bootable disk partition program.


  • Forrest Smith

    You might want to use a USB bootable Ubuntu environment - they definitely have Parted / gParter pre-installed, which might do the trick for you.

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