USB not booting (Toshiba Satellite A665)



  • Joseph

    You have the USB as first boot? Disabled csm if available on the laptop?

  • Andy

    I am not seeing any secure boot or uefi function in bios, but USB is at first boot

  • Joseph

    If you look into the list of working models you'll find yours isn't on the list. Sad as it may look but you'll have to wait for it to be on the list. May be a Administer can help

  • Andy

    Ok. (I do want to add that the Toshiba NB305 Netbook DOES work)

  • Joseph

    Cool. I use to own some netbooks that worked so. I only got the netbooks that had amd or Nvidia gpu cause they had the res of 1337*768 or something like that (Can't remember the res) but it was higher on height for the resolution so that was good

  • Forrest Smith

    Hey Andy,


    I like the look of the specs on that Toshiba - I'm not so sure you need to give up on it yet.


    If you're seeing "boot failed" you may want to try looking for different boot options in the one-time boot menu (usually access by tapping F2 or F12 during boot).


    Are there any options on that list, when you access it, besides just your USB? Maybe something like "EFI File" or something that says "UEFI" ?

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