Slow performance



  • Joseph

    What is your laptop model or pc specs? Very important to include

  • Stefan

    My specs are:
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual core 3800+ 2.01GHz with 3GB of RAM
    64 bit Windows 10
    Nvidia Geforce 8500 GT graphics card

  • Joseph

    Hmm... the specs are ok but having a old AMD system like you have is questionable cause AMD hasn't played nice with CR but your specs are ok for CR. You could wait for a Admin. to take a look. 


    You could just install CR and see how it performs cause running off USB is still are  can be sluggish on some systems. Just note CR will  remove any Data on your HDD. If you have a 2nd drive just disconnect the other and have CR instralled

  • Stefan

    Yeah I might try installing it but can I Dual boot it together with Windows?

  • Joseph

    Dual boot has been removed from CR for sometime now. Since Microsoft added these spring/fall updates and they change files and add new features it breaks CR so Neverware had to remove this feature. Also just so many people had issues with it

  • Stefan

    Oh ok. Can I install it in anyway without removing Windows? Because if I can't I probably won't since I have to have Windows on my PC

  • Joseph

    Sadly no. You can buy a cheap ssd to install CR onto. You have to disconnect all other drives but the one you want CR installed on to

  • Stefan

    Ok. I might try that way thanks for the suggestion.

  • Michael Berger

    So, I've yesterday installed CR on 2 win10 machines:

    1.My wife's USUS which is about 1.5 years old (budget specs, 64bit)

    2.My Samsung R580, about 8 years old (high-end specs, 8gb ram, 64bit, Gforce...)

    The results were poor for both machines. So poor, I think none of us will be able to use it. None of them is "certified" though.


    My wife's machine (ASUS 500 or that) performed better. All the hardware worked (after installing proprietary media managed to make the speakers/sound on her machine to work). But it was not snappy at all. It was sluggish, with keyboard type freezes etc. On the plus side, one USB stick which was unrecognizable by windows was easily recognized by CR and worked well. My wife's immediate complaint was about the considerable lag form the stock image viewer. Also, the resolution/image quality seemed worse than on windows. Other viewers in the store were trash, so we were left with this viewer. I want to stress that the viewer was struggling to load the images stored locally (not on the cloud). All that left me a bit frustrated, as I know Chrome OS to be very fast. I did not deliver on my promise to my wife to get rid of windows (and it's license hell) once and for all. I was left wondering if the sluggish behavior was due to the USB stick itself and if it would be better to port it permanently, or it was a hardware incompatibility. But, this thread suggests dual boot is not possible anymore. So we are stuck again.

    On my Samsung machine which handles software dev and 3d programs easily, it was a complete disaster. Every click took about 2 min to execute, all ended up in multiple crashes and a "repairing itself" reboot loop. But, I don't blame CR here as there are no Samsung at all on the list of "certified models"

    Another thing: CR seems to be messing with the time setting. After coming back to WIN 10, the time did not match the time zone at all, and I had to manually sync time to internet time again. On my wife's machine - same story. It should not happen! At least make sure CR don't mess up people's windows.

    My conclusion. All this USB boot is probably not good enough at all, because USB's aren't quick enough. Maybe I'm wrong. But so far CR was a waste of time for me. It kind of damages Chrome OS good reputation.....

  • Joseph

    The reason run so poorly is because they aren't certified or something else. The reason for the time changing idk. It happens with any Linux operating system so. I have no answer for that sorry. I'm somewhat new to the Linux systems as well but I know about CR alittle bit

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