Dell Venue 8 Pro 5855 works perfect!



  • Yue Su

    I just noticed that I can't tune the brightness by press F6 and F7.

    It didn't bother me because I mainly just use the external monitor but it is an issue.


  • Forrest Smith

    Yue - 


    When in tablet mode, you can adjust the internal-screen brightness inside the of system-tray menu. It appears below the volume.

    When unplugged from both keyboard and the monitor/dock, do you see that control? If not, it's possible to enable using keyboards shortcuts, so let me know.

  • Yue Su

    Hi Forrest,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I don't see the brightness control bar in tablet mode nor in the plugged mode. There is just the volume control.

    However, if I press F6 or F7 on a bluetooth keyboard, the brightness control shows up at the right bottom corner of the screen, but the actual brightness doesn't change accordingly. It either 100% or just completely shut off when slide it to the very left.

    I usually keep it off, which is ok for me because I mainly use it as a chromebox. 


  • Forrest Smith

    Ah ok - yeah it sounds like the adjustment is just not working at a deeper level - even if you could access the brightness bar in the system tray, it would work the same as the F6/F7 buttons on your bluetooth keyboard.


    Glad it's nothing big and that you can get some use out of the device anyway. Enjoy!

  • J Chase

    What's the story on audio? I have the Venue 10 Pro 5056 and everything works but the Realtek ALC5672 audio. 

  • SS

    Hi, i have a questions: 
    1. How to login to my google account? 
    2. How to delete a pop-up window (bluetooth/keyboard)? 
    3. Can I rotate and adjust brightness of the screen? 

    4. Why setting are unavailable (not active icon)?


  • Forrest Smith

    1) You need to proceed past this step by using the virtual keyboard or perhaps connecting an external keyboard

    2) see #1

    3) There are way to do this manually once logged in

    4) You can't adjust settings at the login screen.

  • SS

    External kyeboard is not working properly. How to close the pop-up window - ALT F4 like in Windows?

    How to make a login window will appear?


  • Forrest Smith

    I would try a different external keyboard - you should be able to move past that screen that way.

    Your screenshot shows an older version of CloudReady too - you may want to reimage your USB stick to get v70.3 which is our latest update. It might move past this step without issues. 

  • Aaron Dossett

    I am having difficulty installing CloudReady on my DV8P. When booting off of the USB i get a black screen, and after about a minute it makes a short sound as if it booted, i just get no video. The install USB works on other PC's that i have. Are there any tricks to installing CloudReady on the Venue 8 Pro?

  • SS

    I have the same problem after downloading latest update. It does'nt boot on Venue 8 pro and even on Dell Inspiron notebook. ???

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