My USB became read only after creating installer.



  • Joseph

    Hmm I've had this happen. All I did was use Diskpart in Windows to delete / format the USB. You have to use the cmd line in Admin mode by right click the program. Then once done you can assign the USB in storage management


    Instead of using the installer I use the Google Chrome Recovery Tool and course you have to download the CR file 

  • Forrest Smith

    If you can, use the Chrome Recovery utility like Joseph says to wipe your USB:



    You can also use the same USB, even in "read only" mode as it is now, with our USB Maker Windows executable from - that will over write the disk still.

  • Needhelp

    I tried admin mode but still unable to delete disk 

    DiskPart has encountered an error: The request could not be executed when an I / O device error occurred.

    USB Installer Creation also failed to write disk

    I think the USB is broken so i'm gonna buy another one.

  • Joseph

    You could try Linux MINT with it's live OS and use Disks or GParted to try to format it

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