Dual boot on legacy bios, chrome os and Ubuntu



  • Forrest Smith

    You might be able to do this, but there's no official supported method, or guide, around these forums.


    Here's what you'd generally want to try:


    1) Start with a CloudReady PC (you're already here!)

    2) Make a bootable USB with Ubuntu on it

    3) Liveboot into the Ubuntu installer

    4) Use the tools Ubuntu gives you to resize the CloudReady partition #16, which will be the largest one. You want to take as much storage out of that partition as your Ubuntu install needs

    5) Now install Ubuntu - it's important to aim to have Ubuntu be installed in new partitions that are made with numbers higher than 27. So you want to create partitions #28+ using the extra space from when you resized #16


    #4-5 are big, messy steps where a lot could go wrong and I'm not sure exactly what you'll need to do. But if you can make it happnen, you should have some form of Legacy-mode dualboot between Ubuntu and CloudReady.

    Some risks:

    If Ubuntu installs its own version of grub (bootloader) then CloudReady updates may not work, but you should be able to select between CloudReady and Ubuntu on each startup. On the other hand, if Ubuntu does not install its own bootloader and you are able to keep using CloudReady as-is in partitions 1-27, then updates should keep working, but you'll need ot use the F9 boot menu each time you start up if you want to boot into Ubuntu.


    Hope that's helpful - sorry that I can't offer more detailed steps.

  • Abhighna Sharma K S

    Well I did install Ubuntu and chrome os but there is no grub menu on startup. Each boot will take me to chrome os and I can't boot into Ubuntu.

  • Forrest Smith

    If you interrupt startup now by tapping F9 during the boot sequence, are you presented with a menu of different boot options? Try each one to see if any take you to Ubuntu.

  • Abhighna Sharma K S

    Boot options were regarding which hardware it has to boot from and it didn't say any thing about os.
    BTW I was trying to reinstall Ubuntu, in the resizi where I saw it recognized the old installed Ubuntu but not the chrome os, which was named "unknown Linux distribution".

  • Forrest Smith

    I think you've hit the limit of my knowledge here - sorry. Maybe in an Ubuntu forum you can find some additional advice?

  • Abhighna Sharma K S

    Thanks for your time and help.
    If I find any solution I will comment.

  • Abhighna Sharma K S

    Update: I somehow made the system dual boot.
    I want to share more info but I don't know how to add screen shots

  • Forrest Smith


    You can just copy / paste images into the reply box of you're using Chrome/Chromium browser.

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