Trying to connect using open vpn.



  • Forrest Smith



    1) Does your menu look like this:

    Or different? Can you post a screenshot of what's not working? (ctrl+shift+f5 will let you do a partial-screen grab)

    You may want to look in the Chrome Web store for other VPN apps and extensions - Chromium OS allows 3rd party VPN providers to interface with the network stack, so Cisco AnyConnect and other vendors have free and paid options there which might be what you need.


    2) You might want to try moving to the dev channel to see if v67 works any better

  • Robert Davis


    Thanks for the reply. You helped me resolve the issue I originally commented on.

    I have now managed to connect to a VPN server. The one I am currently using on my desktop does not support  Cloudready so I subscribed to NordVpn. They have a tutorial for Chrome OS using L2TP/IP sec and their servers. .


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