Bugs I'm personally experiencing with Flatpack applications



  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Leonard,

    Thanks for the feedback!


    The issues with icons and pinning, and menu display weirdness, are both known -hopefully you can work around them between now and when we get further in refining the UI integrations.


    As for maximizing and minimizing - note that this is simply how the CrOS ui works in general. Browser windows are the same.

  • Leonard Niehaus

    Thank you for your quick and comprehensive replies. I really appreciate that!

    I believed this window thing worked for me.. But I tested it now and it doesn't. I kinda have been a little bit confused when writing this. Nevermind.

    Have a nice day!

  • Leonard Niehaus

    I'd like to add the bug that I can't access the app menu using the windows key when a Flatpack application is active

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