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  • Forrest Smith


    Unfortunately that CPU/GPU aren't supported on CloudReady yet.

    CloudReady's Linux kernel is based on the 4.14 LTS kernel which doesn't include support for Intel Coffee Lake CPUs / UHD 630 GPUs by default. This is something we're looking into, but there's no quick fix I know of in the mean time.

    Sorry! Follow our blog and you'll definitely see it noted when we do add Intel Coffee Lake support .


    Okay - thank you for the quick response.

    I am a bit of a novice with pc build lingo and tech. I wawould like to verify my understanding that, basically, the CPU is too new. 

    I am buying PCs new at MicroCenter (this being the second one) specifically trying to run NWCR, as I do not want to pay the large pricetag for a Chromebox with less ram and slower processor than what I can get in a build like this, but want the simplicity of the ChromeOS. 

    If I were to return this PC, what is the newest (read: fastest) CPU/GPU that is currently supported?

    Thank you for your time - 


  • Forrest Smith

    Hey Ryan -

    In desktops you can look for any machine with a 7XXX-series Intel CPU - that's should be only one year older than the one you currently have and be properly supported.

    (I laptops, the current 8XXX CPUs *are* supported by CloudReady, just not desktops yet)


    Okay, again thank you for your quick reply. I understand what you are saying.

    I understand that you do not have an idea if or when the 8XXX series might be supported, however, can you look at the past support releases(e.g. 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx) to see approximately how often a support was released. I know this would in no way determine when one could expect an 8xxx release. I'm simply curious  (to determine whether or not I return this PC; I simply dislike the bulky size of Windows and the sometimes technical need to know of Linux distros).


    If I were to swap for the following build, NWCR should work?:

    Acer Aspire TC-780-UR1A Desktop Computer

    Intel Core i5-7400 Processor 3.0GHz; (THIS says speed ran would go from 31 to 122)

    Microsoft Windows 10 Home;

    8GB DDR4-2400 RAM;

    1TB 7,200RPM Hard Drive


    BTW - I have not encountered a free service with such wonderful tech support. This speak highly of Neverware and you personally, and I believe that we are all very grateful for it. 

    Thank you,


  • Forrest Smith

    :-) Happy to be helpful to you, and even happier if we can get you set up with a computer to run CloudReady comfortably on.


    The specs you listed look just fine. I want to be clear that anything that 's not on our certified list is not going to be guaranteed to work in every way. Without the hardware being owned by Neverware, in our offices, we simply can't be sure of what issues do or don't exist, or promise to fix them on any timescale if they come up.

    That said, 1000s of unique models work and are used every day by our Home Edition users which are not certified. I don't want to discourage you - modern especially are usually quite stable in my experience. There's a long list of working non-certified working machines here:


    So, finally, to go back to your original question:

    We added support for Intel's 7XXX generation of laptop processors in January of 2018; those CPUs were first published in February of 2017, and first debuted in laptops a month or two later. 

    But note that the demand from businesses and schools who make up our paid userbase is how we decide when to make major upgrades like this, so depending on how quickly or slowly we see demand from them, the 8XXX CPUs could take more or less time.


    Thanks for your understanding - I know it's a tad complex.


    You explain it very well and I completely understand (esp about upgrading for the paid user base). Thanks for the links to the lists and I will cross check it with what may be available at the store for the same price-point and build options.

    Thanks again!


    Mr. SMITH,

    So not to beat a dead horse... but I am thinking about a desktop build with installing NWCR in mind. Based on what you said about Kaby Lake, how does this sound (noting there is NO guarantee)...



  • Forrest Smith

    Assuming you don't add any additional Nvidia or AMD gpus (just stick with the build in Intel) I would think basic functionality will work fine.


    WOW! My first build!

    PROUDLY (and successfully) running Cloud Ready!

    Extremely grateful!

    Thank you, Forrest Smith!




  • Forrest Smith

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