Bios boot option



  • Joseph

    Which model? To my search this laptop has only Legacy BIOS which is fine but booting from USB is questionable

  • Tim Vieweg

    Its an Equium L40-10Z. Quite old!

    many thanks

  • Joseph

    Looking at the specs idk if CR would run on this but maybe another Linux os would. How much ram is in the laptop? If 1GB then CR wouldn't work but with 2GB it would. Your cpu is a Single Core but CR recommends a Dual-Core but not to say it's still not worth trying. Just you need 2GB RAM first


    I'd try Linux MINT 32-Bit or 64-Bit considering your cpu is 64-Bit compatible 

  • Tim Vieweg


    It has 2GB memory and its a dual core.  Would CR work on this? I really want to have a look around CR!

    Its just the fact that I cant boot from usb seems to be the problem

    Many thanks.

  • Joseph

    OK thanks. Since you aren't able to boot from USB I can't help worthy. You can wait for a Admin to look in to though

  • Tim Vieweg

    Ok thanks anyway, How do I find an admin?Is it possible to download an iso to boot from?


  • Joseph

    The Admin name  is Forrest. He should come in shortly. Just sit tight

  • Tim Vieweg

    OK many thanks.


  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Tim,


    If you device doesn't support USB booting then I suspect that CloudReady won't be compatible - I think Joseph's recommendation of seeking out a different Linux distro is a good one. 


    If you have a device that's a year or two newer you should definitely try CloudReady on that - I imagine you'll have better luck.

  • Joseph

    Thanks Forrest, OP might I suggest a laptop that's from the years 2009-2016

    Those would most likely work. Your best bet is to look at eBay. I usually go For low price and nearest to me or lowest price. Brands like Lenovo and Dell will work. If you look HERE you should find your laptop to look for on eBay

  • Tim Vieweg

    Many  thanks for advice.

    Kind regards


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