Dualboot Linux with Cloudready viable?



  • Joseph

    I have already tried this in the past and it does break. The only thing that messed up the Dual-Boot was the Kernel update via Linux MINT. I'm unsure though if a CR Build update will effect it as well. Have to test it


    Yeah since this was awhile back I don't think it's possible. This was with MINT 17.2 so but now it just wouldn't be worth doing sorry. Going to test with Lubuntu and Ubuntu

    So far Ubuntu is the only one that shows a Grubbox menu to allow to show Ubuntu and CR (as partition 18). Going to update the system to see if it breaks anything... And nope it didn't. Do now I'm testing MINT again but going to see some settings I've maybe missed


    Ok All is good. Most Linux OS'S can Dual-Boot with CR. Happy installing. Just note there is a point where in the installation you can resize the partition. I set mind to 16GB but you can put it anything higher 

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  • J Mueller

    Can you include step-by-step for dual boot functionality? Currently have CR standalone, but could use this machine as a daily driver if I could dual boot to Linux (preferably Lubuntu, but did this not work?) when needed for some scientific work.

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  • Dhanesh S

    You can dual boot cloudready and Linux easily
    just use chrome recovery utility to create Linux bootable usb ( just rename file extension from iso file to bin file for utility to detect it)
    on installation of the Linux distro , you will get dual boot option.
    I have tried with Linux mint
    now if you want back windows . you can create windows 10 usb only from Linux distro . you can use apps like woeusb or winusb.
    (iso to bin technique doesn't work with windows)

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