Run a VirtualBox VM in the background



  • Forrest Smith

    I think the "windowless" bit is called "headless" which we currently don't support.

    Auto-starting might be possible, but I just don't know how VBox works well enough to advise - sorry. You can look around the wider Virtualbox-related internet-landscape to see if there are commands to this effect tho.

  • V. Roy

    Would it be possible to implement a container, like Google's strategy? 

    On a somewhat unrelated note, does regular GUI stuff work on Cloudready outside of Flatpak (e.g. running QEMU, WINE, without flatpak and with just terminal)

    Thanks in advance

  • Forrest Smith

    The Crostini project built by Google available, thoigh still unstable, on CloudReady. You can try using that system For any purposes you can think of, but I'm no expert on what's possible or expected to work there. I believe virtualization inside of Crostini is not possible because Crostini already is a container inside a VM.

    For other applications running through the GUI, the answer is mostly "no". Anything you run in Crostini will be inside that container, but will translate the GUI automatically to the desktop. Things like Virtualbox that *can't* run inside Crostini, however, need special work from our development team to be installed or to show their Windows in the Chromium desktop environment.

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