Cant boot from usb



  • Joseph

    That Laptop seems too new for CR. Why you wanting to install CR on such a Beast of a Laptop? Think that the CPU is the issue as CR doesn't support this in it's Kernel yet.

  • Mayank Budhwani

    I thought Kaby Lake support was added in v61.2... I wanted to install CR because when I am not gaming, I am just using my laptop for tasks like web browsing and I thought maybe I would get a better battery life in CR than in windows..

  • Forrest Smith

    The CPU should be no problem for CloudReady to support, but your NVIDIA GPU is less likely to be supported. 


    Can you disable the NVIDIA gpu in the BIOS settings? 

  • Mayank Budhwani

    No.. the laptop uses Optimus so I can't disable the dGPU.. Is there anyway I could get a verbose output of booting process or record a log to figure out what exactly is going wrong??

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