Lenovo Tab 2 1051L no BT and no sound



  • Michał Pławsiuk

    Can somebody add drivers for:

    Worked in another system (tested Ubuntu, Fedora, Andorid86x)
    Bluetooth : Broadcom 4324 (I see file here: https://launchpad.net/asust100-ubuntu/+milestone/bluetooth-t100ta or https://github.com/Asus-T100/firmware/tree/master/brcm)

    Sound Card: Wolfson WM5102, intel STS

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Michael,


    We generally only work on driver support like this based on demand from our Education and Enterprise customers. Even if those things work well in other distributions, it is not certain that CloudReady will be just as compatible, and the process to get things working is often more than just dropping a driver into place. Since this isn't a very common device for businesses or schools, I don't think we'll be able to prioritize this hardware support in the immediate future.


    Note that we do include driver improvements occasionally in our updates that fix problems like this even though it isn't expected. If you want to use CloudReady on this device, you can continue to check each update we post about on our blog and see if the functionality improves. In particular, you might find that our release of v75 or v76 this summer could help, as we'll be bumping our Linux kernel from v4.14 to v4.19 which may carry improved driver support.

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