An 10 years old photo album have been deleted by CloudReady



  • Mario Gervais

    I understand your embarrasement... 

  • Dotcom

    Because your HDD were on disk0 while SSD on disk1 I guess. Any software/deployment always looking for disk0. Check your SATA cables on your motherboard.

    I have a new Dell Optiplex that have set SSD as disk4 and SATA slots are 0,1,2. there is no way i can change other than removing other HDD. Stupid made, SSD should be disk0.

    I have got the excat same problem but with windows deployment via network. It have erased all my projects on my external HDD because of stupid disk order.

    Nothing Neverware can do, All data gone, It's always your resposibility. So always remove external HDD/SDD before installing any OS.

  • Mario Gervais

    Thanks! But I have followed their instructions.I have installed many Linux distro and many other on my PC and never had any problem. The boot USB should let us the choice on which drive we want the install.

  • Mario Gervais

    Any comments from CloudReady ?

  • Phil Reilly

  • Spencer Wallman

    The installer for CR doesn't allow any hard drive or partition selection at all.  And there's a big dialog box that comes up stating they aren't responsible for any data loss.

    Basically you're SOL, sorry.

  • Mario Gervais

    It should search for GRUB or MBR and install the OS there...  no?

  • Marty

    Grub or MBR is where the booting instructions go, generally a small @500mb partition.

  • Mario Gervais

    Exactly! And it tells USUALLY where is the OS. 😉

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