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    Geofrey Hill

    Hello Troy,

    Due to a required change in v68 to support ongoing work with secure boot, sadly this is a known behavior. We had previously announced the planned phase out of dualboot as a feature, with the last supported version being v66. You can read more about the v68 release here, including this as a known issue.

    We have heard word from some users who were able to get dualboot working again, one example is from a CloudReady user in Japan. But be warned, these are the steps this user tried. We offer no assurance it will work and we have no plans to work on this issue further.

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  • Troy Christian

    Can I reinstall a previous version?

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  • Geofrey Hill

    If you have a previous version install file, yes you certainly can. However, it will update automatically unless you block updates but blocking updates makes your device less secure as it is unable to get security updates.

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