Dell Inspiron 6000 (Cant install CloudReady)



  • ibex333

    Then what good is CloudReady if support is so limited? If I had a better CPU, I'd be running Windows or Ubuntu Linux instead...

  • Phil Reilly

    Try Manjaro32. Open source Chromium OS blocks the Pentium M not CloudReady!

  • Geofrey Hill

    My best guess is this has nothing to do with the CPU, Pentium M is a wide range of processors many of which will work with CloudReady. If a processor has PAE, it will generally work. The CPU in this devie is of the Dothan family, so it has PAE.

    More likely the issue with this device is with the GPU. It has an ATI GPU that we do not see in any of our certified models so we sadly cannot offer much intern of advice or guidance as we just dont have the hardware to know if this device can work.

  • Geofrey Hill

    Yes. In my experience if a device gets to the CloudReady splash screen as the user describes any with the CPU has been passed. If the CPU was incompatible it would have failed long before that.

  • ibex333

    Is there a reason ATI GPU is not supported? Its supported across all and any Linux distro I ever tried...

  • Marty

    Probably not enough RAM in that model either.  


  • ibex333

    No, there’s plenty of RAM. 1.2GB

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